Viraja on Teahouse of Danger prints and reproductions from douglass truth on Vimeo.

36" X 48" Reproduction of Spring Temple, ready to be packed up.


A reproduction slightly smaller than the original.
We can make them smaller or larger as desired.

The magic starts here with a state of the art nano-scan.
(shown is the work of another client.)

The world of color printing is unbelievably complex.

Test prints on canvas.

The artist holding a reproduction.
From about 10' he can't tell it from the original.
If he's looking at the front, that is.

They come ready to hang. All you need is a wall and a hook.

Corner detail. Hand-painted edges.

Corner detail.

Is it the original? Or a reproduction?

Corner detail.

Reproduction is 16"X24" - the original, 24" X 36" - another advantage.

This reproduction was on our wall. For 2 weeks I thought it was the original.

Another satisfied customer.