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Printed on heavy-duty canvas and then stretched,
these reproductions come gallery-wrapped with a hand-painted
black edge of 1.75", wired and ready to hang on the wall.

Most of these reproductions come in multiple sizes - be sure to look at the Etsy page for options.
Or just email us with any questions or requests.

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A Dream of Persimmons

Spring Temple

Nevada Street

War of the Roses

Another Stop Along The Way

A Dog Dreams

Armory Park Villa

Fields of Spain

Invisible Dog with Blue Ball and Radio

The New Tarot

She Rises Slowly And The Divine Dance Begins

Scotch And A Martini (a scene from Death, Herself)

My Blue Porch

Dinner in the Hallway

The World Is A Theater

I Walked In In The Middle Of The Story- SOON

Look, A Snake

Flowers March Down Main Street SOON

Right This Way The Man Said