These prints are printed on 13" X 19" 280gsm art paper, with archival inks, hand-stamped on the back, pencil signed and bagged. Image size will vary - ask for details!

Click on an image and you'll be taken to the Etsy Store page for that print—if I've had a chance to list it. If there's no link, just email me with the titles and I'll print them for you.


Dream of Persimmons  


TEATRO Fields Of Spain

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Dreamliner

Blue Bowl with Fruit

Look, A Snake

Dream of the Death of Ivan

My Guard Dog Nevada Street (Nevada City, CA)

My Blue Porch A Dog's Dream

Spring Temple Time is the Center of the Matter

The World's A Stage Dog On The Bed

Dinner In The Hall Revolution of Flowers Poster

An Army of Flowers Red Table #3

War of the Roses God Puttering #3